London Town

I just clicked send and entered this piece for Association of Illustrator's competition in partnership with the London Transport Museum!  The theme was to illustrate London's places and spaces.  I do enjoy a good cuckoo-clock, so figured why not compose my entry as such! Big Ben has a clock face, so it felt like a natural way to work.  I had a lot of fun making the individual elements.  The telephone booth is my favorite, and it's the first thing I went to full collage color with.  Also, there are a few vintage ribbons used in this piece.  I actually bought these ribbons in London about 5 years ago, so it was fitting to use them here.  

I'd be thrilled to win (obviously) and if that's the case you'll be hearing me cheer from across the pond! But, if not, it's A-OK! Each piece is a way to learn and grow.  This file is massive because I worked poster sized, and I learned a lovely lesson in properly measuring before you move to the next step.  I had to redo the double decker bus a few times because of this….sooooo, lessoned very much learned!

Here are a few details:

Now, time to go brew a cuppa English Breakfast Tea!