Ahoy There!

June's Make Art That Sells Bootcamp assignment was tons of fun.  We were recommended to NOT go outside our comfort zone for the mini assignment, which was drawing nautical icons.  I kinda loved that.  Pushing yourself is great and all, but sometimes doing what you know you can do is relaxing, and when doing that you push yourself without recognizing it at first or putting added pressure on.  That's what happened to me here, with assignment to create a piece of wall art.  


I loved "nautical" being the theme and was eager to make something not so girlish.  I also wanted to make something that could appeal to both children and adults, and maybe go into a modern nursery or play room.  Nautical makes me think of shades of blues, for the obvious reasons, and I kept coming back to the red and white stripes of lighthouses and wanted to bring some of that in.  I also loved the concept of creating scenes within scenes.  In taking these courses, I have found that I like my work best when I have multiple things going on instead of one central icon/scene.  It's more fun for me to create, which I hope results in more fun for people to look at.  


I've become a bit addicted to sharing photos of my work in progress on instagram.  If you want to see more of the process of making it you can join me there or check #scenesfrommyscreen.  

Lilla's suggestion of ships in bottles reminded me of terrariums, tiny little worlds, and I knew I wanted to run with that.  In fact, the assignment is done and submitted but I think I want to run further with it.  I predict a few more nautical pieces in my near future!