A Doodle Dream Blog Party

A long time ago in a far away place called Blog World, I met a lovely lady named Jenipher who has transformed from jewelry design to quirky illustrator over time.  She has recently achieved an amazing doodle dream.  She self-published a book aimed at helping young girls through her own personal story and illustrations. 

It is touching and funny and sad and inspiring and raw and beautiful and complex, just as teenage life is.  I've had the privilege of having loads of emails and coffee dates with Jenipher over the past few years (I even have one today, yay!!) and have been able to witness her book transform from sketchbook doodles to an actual real thing!  

I was so excited that she asked me to be part of a blog party celebrating it's release.  She asked me to doodle words I would tell my teenage self.  I truly believe being a teenager is one of the hardest things in the universe and the words I would tell my teenage self are not my own, but those of Maya Angelou.  A fun fact about this illustration is that Jenipher and I attended a conference together a few months ago, and both are constant doodlers.  Many of the flowers and some of the letters in my piece were actually doodled while we were listening to lecture after lecture about the world of children's books together! 

Here's my piece featuring Maya Angelou's lovely words:

Maya Angelou

Learn more about Jenipher's book, How Being Stubborn, Depressed and Unpopular Saved My Life and pick up a copy HERE!

&&& thank you Jen for including me in your party and for inspiring so many people!!!